What are your lashes made of? 

-All lashes are faux mink, cruelty free and hypoallergenic so no harm to your natural lashes. 

How many times can you use each pair of lash strips?

-Each pair can be used 10-15 times. You can extend the use by proper care.

How do I clean the lashes?

-Keep your lashes away from heat, harsh chemicals and oil based eye makeup removers. Never sleep with your lashes on. Use an oil-free make-up removing solution only to loosen the glue on the lash band before gently peeling the lashes from your eyelid. Peel off traces of glue very gently with your fingers only after every wear. Always store your lashes in the packaging it came with to keep their shape. Mascara will ruin the quality of the lashes; only apply mascara to your natural lashes when needed.

I am a MUA can I purchase in bulk for a discounted price?

-Yes. You will receive a percentage off plus free shipping within the United States. Please contact us for the details.